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Finally. ’A minimal Car Dashboard app which only shows what’s really needed.


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GPS Amazingly True

Amazingly Flat

The app gets true to the eyes, which means no lack of concentration while you drive, you’ll just love the HD graphicss

Senses day or night automatically

The tiny little app senses it automatically whether its day time or night time & switches modes automatically so there’s no glary light onto your eyes at night or even no shortage or brightness on a sunny day.

No Junk on Screen

No junk on screen

Shows you only the important on-goings, like your current speed, the altitude & the direction you’re heading towards.

Small memory footprint

Small memory footprint

This app wont need require any hefty downloads of offline copies of maps, like most of the navigation apps do. It will just tap-in your internet connection for the live maps online & flush them while there’s no use of it. Simple.

Less power hungry

Less power hungry

Eats up very less battery on continued usage, almost the backup time you have while watching a movie.