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Azoora Inc. is dedicated to the success of customers digital media projects, and because we firmly believe that customers should never be left feeling unsupported after their assignment is completed, that's why every of our product & services are covered by our Limited Warranty Program, its a free 12 month warranty with every project we undertake.

The Warranty lasts for twelve calendar months from the date the customer's project goes live, and covers the following:

  • A maximum 12 hour response period to any client requests for support assistance

  • Assistance with user-reported error messages and system loading problems

  • Assistance with user-reported problems experienced whilst attempting to play video or audio files or view or download images or documents

  • General assistance on any queries or problems arising with the Content Management System, Database System or Ecommerce Programme

  • Assistance with user-reported viewing problems where a digital media system may not display correctly in certain browser types

  • Correction of any reported broken links

  • General advice required by the client to assist in the smooth running of their digital media system

  • Restoration of any online project that has been the victim of vandalism through, for example, hacking. However, restoration will be limited to the extent of original first publication stage of the project. Any loss of user data and contents created afterwards shall not be our responsibility and will not be covered under warranty.


  • The Warranty does not provide support for any problems or errors arising with, or caused by: The hosting system, unless you use Azoora Hosting Solutions for your hosting needs.

  • Customer error

  • Systems developed by agencies other than Azoora Inc. are not covered by the Warranty.

  • Extension of Cover Should you wish to extend the cover over a longer period, you may do so at any point by purchasing an Extended Warranty. For further details, please contact us.

Warranty Void Checklist

  • Deletion and/or modification to the content/code of the product provided by Azoora Inc., without any prior permission by us, will result in a Warranty VOID condition

  • Deletion and/or removal of the "/powered-by" folder on your website by you or any other agency/person will result in a Warranty VOID condition